Flying Colours

Have noticed the mod for Flying Colours 1.1 has spots for manuever cards which I understand have been taken out of the game. Does this in any way make the game ‘un-vassalible’ iat present? I am planning to purchase and play but most would be pbem and need to know if there would be a problem here. Thanks ahead of time to any with info.

Hey Juno,
check out the Flying Colours Mod 1.2, that has all the maneuver cards.

Thanks for reply, I will look at 1.2 mod but does the boxed version of game actually use them? If I plan to play FC with an opponent will the cards be deemed neccesary to play. I guess I would like to know from general players of game if they use the cards?

The maneuver cards will be released with Serpents of the Seas, the next game in the FC series. The ones that are included in the FC module are an early prototype that is now obsolete. They were always optional and as such, have no adverse impact on the scenarios if you choose not to use them. For now you should just ignore them.

I have just begun work on updating the FC module and I plan to remove the cards from the base module. When Serpents comes out, I will make an extension for the cards for those who wish to use them with the original FC scenarios.

How do I mark a ship that has shot it’s initial broadside in ver 2.0?

Are you referring to the optional +2 Firepower bonus for ships firing their initial broadsides? If so, I’m afraid there is no marker to show that. If I recall, I didn’t have one in earlier versions of the module either.