Folders As An Organizational Tool In The Editor

I would like to see the ability to add folders to the tree in the module editor. They need not do anything except act as an organizational (grouping) mechanism.

Hah, I was intending to make this exact same suggestion, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet!

I would like to have folders in the Module Library, so I can group games by family, period, frequency of use or whatever.

That is far more complex than it sounds as the structure in the ConfigureTree exactly reflects the Structure of the module and changing that will have all sorts of consequences.

What sort of things do you want to group?

That should be achievable, I have added an enhancement request.

Anything and everything. But, if it is too much work, forget it. It would just be a small convenience if it worked.

I have a map with 5 different boards, each with its own set of a couple dozen At-Start Stacks…it makes the map entry painfully long to scroll past if it’s open. Would be really nice if I could put all the At-Start Stacks for each board in a single sub-folder.

Ah yes, I have come across that one myself.

Because At-start stacks are defined at the Map level, not the board level, they all end up under the Map.

Perhaps the correct solution, for At-Start stacks, is rather than trying to impose some sort of artificial ‘structure’ over the top, is to allow At-Start stacks and Decks to also be created at the Board level. Unless you want to share an At-start stack between multiple boards ( option), you would create it at the Board level. The Map level At-start stacks would remain as is, but you would be able to cut and paste map-level At-start stacks down to the Board level.

I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear, but the issues that require some external form of ‘organisation’ are probably pointing to something wrong in Vassal’s ‘internal’ organisation, and I would rather spend time fixing that.

At-Start Stacks and Decks belonging to Boards sounds like an excellent solution! Not that I’ll hold my breath waiting for it to be implemented… :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not? I’ve got the At-start stacks done for version 3.5. Looking into Decks now.

For EACH of my two maps in PoG, I currently have 470 At-Start stacks.

Once the bug is (re?)fixed where At-Start stacks set to “any” will use wrong the Region/Location on one of the maps then I will be able to get down to “a mere 470” but those will all apply to BOTH maps.

So just moving At Start stacks into individual maps won’t actually help me. I would definitely benefit if there were a “Folder” system for At Start Stacks where I could have folders like “Turn Markers”, “German At-Start Forces”, “Replacement Markers”, etc, etc, instead of having 470 entries under the main map (in ADDITION to all the stuff that you would normally have on a main map, and cluttering that stuff up) I could have some reasonable number of little “folders” that would contain the at start stacks.

My second biggest need for a folder type component would be in Prototype Definitions – I have 225 prototype definitions in PoG, and I know there are modules (e.g. Empire of the Sun) that have even more prototypes than I have.

So I do think there are places where the Vassal hierarchy simply isn’t sufficient.


I think that the Prototype definitions folder could help make modules more readable. How about the following, more limited ideas -

  1. Allow a name to be given to Prototype definitions folders ?

  2. Allow Game Piece Prototype Definitions sub-folders to be added to a Game Piece Prototype definition folder.

Beyond this, I think there’s been some mention before of making the “Description” field a standard feature. Currently, GP has it but DP and CP do not.

By the way, I wonder, does description text get dropped when the Trait is incorporated in an actual piece?