For the People Module - How does it work?

I have been able to negotiate most of the Vassal modules but the “For the People” module stumps me.

My problems stems from the fact that when the ‘map’ is in view I cannot see any other buttons on the screen. When I clip off the map I can see the other buttons for playing pieces, leaders etc…but without the map how do I drag these pieces on to it?

Also the card picking option. When I click on frame that tells me to select the number of cards, it then tells me to click and ‘drag’ them. But where do I drag them to? When I try to drag them off of the menu, nothing happens. I have no idea where they go.

Is there a tutorial anywhere for this?

With most modules the map is shown attached to the main window (with chat log and button toolbar). With a preference you can have a module load the window detached (use combined application window). This module however has been designed to not use a combined window for the map. So when you open the map it opens in a separate window, and by default will cover your screen. You have to reduce the size of this map window so you can access the main application window behind it, and use both. When you drag placing pieces you drag them from the pieces panel in the main application window to the separate map window.

When you click the Card Deck button the Card Deck window opens. Inside it is a card stack. You then open your card hand window (Confederate or Union). You drag from the stack to the hand window to draw a card and place it in your hand.