Forum Web Site Navigation.

Hmmm. No topic area for the web site or forum itself.

There doesn’t seem to be any link from the page back to the top level of the web site. The banner across the top, which one might expect to be linked to the top-level is instead also linked to the forum page.

There should be an easy way to get from the forum page to the Vassal home page. The simplest, although perhaps a bit obscure, would be to use the banner. If it’s easy, a direct link to the vassal home page would be the best.

Assuming I’m not completely blind and have missed something.


I agree.

I had it set that way originally but it reverted when I changed the link for Looking into it!

My recollection of recent events (4-6 weeks ago) was that the link at the top SAID, but pointed to I think I suggested at the time that it should say and point to, but instead the name and link got changed to the forums, which is not so useful (e.g. there is already another link for the forum index)

OK, this has been fixed. You can now click on the banner to get back to

The RSS feed should be working now too.

No worries, done. I usually have my own forum title point back to the same page so I can do quick refreshes just by clicking the title. I’m too lazy to hit F5. :smiley:


Now wait for the tide of users complaining that they preferred it the other way, just like you.