Forward through log - redundant hotkey (space bar)

It’s come to my attention that space bar is a hotkey/shortcut for “forward through logfile”.
I presume this pre-dates the ability to specify a hotkey for the same purpose.

In C&C Napoleonics v4 and other modules, I specify PgDn to so this (the default, iirc). Nonetheless, space bar still does the same thing. Really, should space bar just be over-ridden if a hotkey is specified? Space bar causes user error - ie forwarding in the log when the intention was to write in the chat.

Update: Actually, it’s not quite a hotkey in the usual sense. It is some kind of repeat function - I have to press the forward button first and the space bar will repeat the action.

That sounds more like a standard interface feature–if the focus is on a button, pressing the space bar will activate that button in many (most?) programs.