Freezing Pieces Can't Move 3.6.0beta2

I am having a problem with pieces freezing on the board. I draw brand new pieces and start moving them around the board. They begin to freeze up and can’t be moved or selected by clicking. I have not triggered any turn changes or GKC of any kind. They just freeze up. The test I am running now has ten pieces on the board and only one remains mobile. No context menu items have been used. The pieces began life with invisibility active.

Where can we get the module?

It’s my current development project. How would you like me to transmit it?

I have uploaded the developmental .vmod for bug reproduction.

The file in question is my most recent contribution / file upload.

Please supply a link to the module page as it is not easy to tell what the most recent upload is. And also please include a vsav of the game situation where you have the ‘Frozen’ counters.


Hi Brent,
The module is under development right now. So, it is not posted. Do you have some other way for me to transmit it to you? Uploading it to the system was all I could come up with, absent direction.

Uploading to what system? Do you have a link that you can access it with?

You can upload files to a cloud storage service like Dropbox and post a link to them

This is resolved. It is not related to the VASSAL engine, but is caused by a module feature. Please disregard this thread.

Apologies to the developers for the false alarm.

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