Friday or Saturday opponent, multiple games

In the longer term I’m looking for a regular opponent that can play on Friday or Saturday starting around 10 or 11 Eastern time. So 3pm to 4pm GMT time. Playing for 4 to 5 hours. Most likely once or twice monthly. I use Skype for voice chat but would use Discord if needed.

For a first game I would like to try one of the following.
Lock N Load Tactical demo WW2 or the Vietnam one. Or a scenario from the Desert or Heroes against the Red Star module. I also have the first version of the Normandy title which might be playable with the new rules too.
Sands of War by GDW.
Panzer or MBT by GDW.
Arab Israeli War, Panzer Leader, or Panzer Blitz (with opfire rule from PL) by AH.

If the first game works out more of the games above and some of the others I would like to play are.
Empire of the Sun
Holland 44, Ardennes 44, Normandy 44 (I don’t own Ukraine or France 40 but would play them)
For the People (GMT version)
GCACW (various titles in the series, any of the newer releases)
The No Retreat series (GDW versions)

Plus anything of the general nature of those above, as long as I one of us owns it and we can both get a copy of the rules I would be interested in playing it.

I just recently picked up MBT and am looking for someone to help me learn the rules if that sounds like your cup of tea.

I found an opponent for MBT and Panzer but would be happy to walk you through the basics. If you don’t mind playing with the advanced to hit and armor penetration rules. Going back to the basic ones is a little painful. Did you want to play on a Friday or Saturday?

Saturday probably works better. Fridays, if I’m free it’s usually not until the evening some time Eastern Time Zone US. Saturday is a lot more flexible usually. I’ll PM you my email address.

I play Panzer Leader or Blitz. I prefer Russian Front. I’ve never played on vassal, so I’ve got that to contend with. I used to use “The Gamers Guide to Panzerblitz” which had additional scenarios and points for buying units optional rules (spotting, opportunity fire, etc). I think that even using Panzer Leader Rules for Panzerblitz (suggested in Panzer Leader Rules), I think stacking limts should remain 3 German and 2 Russian.

Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I found opponents and have filled up my free game time. Thanks for the reply though.