Full Unblanked X-Wing cards

If anyone needs their module to have all of the pilot, damage, and upgrade cards unblanked, let me know. Over the past two days I’ve replaced all of the images with unblanked scans. It’s taken a while, but it’s been worth it.

The only things I don’t have unblanked (but used text to represent the cards) are the damage cards for the rebel transport/Raider, and the Raider movement card.

Do you have a site where we could download this module?


mediafire.com/download/a29r6 … 5.4.0.vmod

Missing one pilot and one or two upgrades, but it’s all there.

I also made a (Admittedly crappy) version of a movement card for the Raider. When Mu0n gets around to making a good one, obviously mine will have to go. :stuck_out_tongue: