Game board not updating when I load a vlog file

Hi! I have just started a game of Colonial Twilight. I received VLOG file from my opponent (they moved first) and loaded it using the file menu. The prompts indicate that the VLOG file has been loaded, but the game board does not appear to have been changed. It is like the VLOG file is empty. Any ideas for troubleshooting? I have verified that the opponent has moved, and sent me a valid VLOG file!

I have to check: have you tried tapping PgDn?

(An opponent’s log in a 2-player game should start with an identical board state to the end of your turn.)

There should also be a button in the main toolbar that looks like an arrow pointing to the right (the graphic can vary, depending on whether or not the module designer uploaded anything to replace the default graphic). Click that button to advance through the recorded move step by step–as mentioned above, PgDn is the default hotkey for it.