game choices

Have a few different games on the go, of course just can not stop so;

Games that interest me which I will buy but would like to know how many players are out there.

  1. Eastfront 2
  2. Washingtons War
  3. Nato Next War in Europe
  4. Pacific Victory
  5. PQ 17

These are not in any order and not sure how they line up for pbem with vassal. For ex I think Easrfront is version 1 actually. Am playing TK, FtP, HotS, Hannibal and EotS at present.

I am very interested in playing East Front version 2. Do you mean the old SPI version or the East Front Series by GMT. I mean the former. Are you still interested in this one? I’m an experienced wargamer and have used all the pbem assists in the past including Vassal. I am currently playing a campaign game of Struggle for Europe by Clash of Arms via ADC2.


Chris Graves

Are you interested in a Struggle for Europe game, eastern front. We player a tournament game in which we bid for Ge. It is a 7 turn game ending June 42.

Jack Parks

have to admit ,have not heard of this one. Is this the game you are referring to? … gle-europe

Struggle for Europe is a WWII game in Europe and Med. I was referring to the 1941 attack vs Russia. There is a module on Vassal for it.


ok found games, you are talking about War without Mercy.

well I do not have rules as of yet and not sure how deep games is (read difficult to learn) . I have played Totaler Krieg, Dai Senso, am learning Unconditional surrender . Dark valley and waiting on the kickstarter Strategic game to be delivered (name escapes me at present).