game for Combat Commander

I have never played Combat Commander through Vassal before and have only played the learning scenario through a couple of times. Do not have a person to play with so I would like to try if someone is patient enough to help me learn further.
I have really enjoyed it so far and would like to try to play a game once a week or so.
If it easier to learn on a game like Memoir 44 I have that game as well but would rather play Combat Commander.


What Time Zone are you in?

If you are in the Pacific Time Zone or don’t mind starting at 8PM Pacific Time (which is as early as I can ever get on), I would be interested.

Daveyk, are you still interested. I am in the mountain time zone so I am only an hour ahead of you.
I watched this for several days and then gave up after no one interested but if you would still be willing I sure would love to give it a try.

I kind of gave up watching also. I am out of town until end of October, but after that I’d love to play. You can find me in the list of players for this module and send me an email (David Kurtz).