Game of Thrones (tBG, 2ndEd) Adding / Importing House Cards

I am attempting to create a custom game module for AGoT. I want to exchange some of the House Cards from the base game with House Cards from the “Dance with Dragons” (DWD) expansion and the “Feast for Crows” (FFC) expansion. I also want to add the Vale of Arryn map modification to the game board for a 7th player.

  1. How do I import a House Card from DWD to the base game? I have tried using the import and clone functions, but I get a file type error. I have deleted 2 of the House Cards for Lannister, Cersei and Kevan Lannister, and I want to replace them with Qyburn and Ser Addam Marbrand, respectively. I also want to edit the text on the Catelyn Stark House Card for the Stark House Cards, and add (as an 8th card), the Walder Frey House Card for House Stark from FFC (Feast-for-Crows).

  2. How can I put an overlay on the game board, size it properly, and then make it permanent?

  3. How do I add a 7th House, House Arryn, to the game?

Thank you!