Game of thrones !

Hey, I’m pretty new to this forum and the vassal engine. I found it when doing some googling on GoT forums.

I’d love to play the game online (I usually play 2nd edition when it’s the board game).

Are people still playing this?
Whats the best way to set up matches?

Best regards

I am interested. I have a small group that plays Battlestar from time to time.

Yea! a lot of people play still.

I really enjoy that game! Please send me an invite if you want another player. Dibs on the Lannisters. :slight_smile:

Hey guys

New to Vassal, but would love to join a game (of thrones)…
Tried the server - emptier than Harrenhaal.

PM me if you want another player

Samesies. Would love to join a game!

I would be happy to join…:slight_smile:

Hi !
I would be interested in live play GOT games. I’m new to vassal so I need some help setting it up, but aside from that I’m good to go :stuck_out_tongue:

Interested in playing a game as well. PM me, or we should coordinate here!

I am also new to vassal and the game for the most part but have played once or twice. If any one is looking for fodder please pm me!

Hey !

Two players in the Game Of thrones, ready to play… Come on and join in.

Looking for 2+ players 2ed 1.31

Hi all, I’ve got a whole weekend coming up and my regular gamers have deserted me, would love to play some agot this weekend (8/9 Feb), any keen?

I’m based in UK but not fussed about the time zones.
Hope to be playing soon!

My friend and I are looking for players this weekend as well as in the future.

Hi I would love to play a game. I have played with my board at home before but have yet to try online

I know this is a Vassal thread, but another option is Play by Forum - see … y-by-forum

I’m also interested! Never used Vassal so far, but I have played AGOT many times, 1st and 2nd edition :slight_smile:

Send me a message if you like me to join!

Maybe I’ll need some guidance about vassal during the first game…