Game Piece Image item values


Is there a way to access/modify a game piece image’s item values at runtime? If so, how do I go about doing this?


only if the value is defined by an accessible property such as a dynamic property, global property, text label or property sheet. If it is defined this way it might already have right click commands that let you change its value. If it does not you would have to add this on to the trait defining the value in edit mode and save your changes before it could then be adjustable at runtime

Maybe I’m just not doing it right. Here is what I’ve done:

  1. Created a [Game Piece Layout] that contains 4 “items” of type “Label”. These properties are named Name, Rep, Tough, and Sand.
  2. Created a [Game Piece Image] and left the default values for those properties (looks like the first to characters in the item name?)
  3. Created a new [Definition] called “Person” and added a “Property Sheet” trait. On this sheet I entered the four properties I’m looking to edit at runtime: Name, Rep, Tough, and Sand as type “Text”.
  4. Created a [Single piece] named “blankUnit”, made the “Basic Piece” a “Person” and added the “Prototype - Person”.

I can now place the piece on a board and access the property sheet. However, the contents of the sheet are empty by default and any change to them does not update the text on the piece. I’m probably missing something easy here but its my first module using game piece images :S

I struggled with this for a long while in my Waterloo module, until realizing that there is no linkage between Text Labels in Images and the peces instatntiating those images. I ended up creating a prototype for each image, that defined the Text Labels for the image, and then adding both to the game pieces.

Thanks for the reply Pgeerjens!

Well now that has been ruled out, is there any way to make a Text Label display one of the properties from the properties sheet? With some clever text label placement I can recreate what I had in my image definition.

The Property Sheet just has to precede the Text Label (or the Protptype containing the Tect Label) in the pieceès list of traits.