Game Piece sizing option

Stupid question can multiple modules be loaded at the same time?

Loaded at the same time in what?

Module Manager - Right now I’m loading an module that has map extensions added.

You can have as many modules open from the MM as you have memory for.

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Successfully created an module, successfully added the new subclass, Vassal finds the subclass. This is great, when I load the main module, I import the class as a new Map, When I add a map to that new subclass, vassal is still looking for me to add a board to the original Map. Not sure how to use the new subclass. Hope that’s clear. I think I need to add the subclass as an extension off the main module.

In the Editor, you need to add to your new map type whatever boards you had in the map you’re replacing.

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I did and it works…there are just no game pieces or anything so I think I need make a new extension. It’s working I had two map instances in there lol … Be advised, if there are map instances, it only uses the one labeled “Map” From my limited testing.