GB II Module

I’ve been playing GBII 0.4 module with Vassal 3.1.12 and we can’t find the Reserve markers. We have also noticed the the aircraft don’t have a flip command when you right click on them, so we’ve been unable to show aircraft in their reduced strength. Both myself and my opponent are having the same problem, so it’s not just me.

Thanks for making the module, I’m sure it’s tedious work, but we would appreciate a little help.


Yes you’re right, no Reserve markers. Oops! Your best bet may be to use the combined CB+GBII module as it contains the same components and more.
Also, could you please tell me which aircraft counter/s are not flipping?



We figured out how to make the reserve markers, the mod contains the jpegs for those.

The aircraft problem seems to be affecting all the aircraft, except possibly the bonus aircraft, which we haven’t used. We tried to add the reduced sides, but couldn’t find those jpegs.

I don’t have much free time to work on the modules any more. A number of people are using the combined module without problem so I suggest just sticking with that one.

If the aircraft images have no reverse side, it’s likely because the corresponding “back” images are missing. So when I imported the counters they were all seen as single-sided.