GCACW GTC Opponent Wanted

Hi. Looking for an opponent for GTC. Would like to go in order by beginning with “Wilderness.” Either side is fine with me. Have all titles in series except for RTG and OTR (as if you couldn’t guess) :smiley: But I’m saving my pennies!



I would really enjoy running through the GTC scenarios. I have all the games and would be ready to go with the basic game scenarios for any of them as well, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you are still interested.



What’s GTC?

Grant Takes Command

Hi Gary,

Sounds great. I’m ready to go when you are with #1 Wilderness. Just let me know what side you wish to play and when you’d be ready to start. Thanks much. Look forward to hearing back from you.


Well, managed to finally pick up a copy of RTG.