I’d like to start a campaign game PBEM of RTG, HCR, SLB, SIV. I have a couple of the newer games but have not read up the rules for those.

I am having 3-4 months off work due to illness so should have time to keep up with a few e mails a day, interrupted occasionally by treatment.

Moruya, I have Stonewall Jackson’s Way and Here Come the Rebels. However, mine are the old Avalon Hill versions. I do not have the MMP versions of any of this series. Do you have the AH version? If so, I’d be glad to play you. If you still have time for another game contact me by email. vikingvii@hotmail.com

Hi Caesar52,
yes, I have the AH versions. I am about to start another game but if i get extra time later I’ll contact you.

Thanks for your reply.