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This is more of a general issue I am having with VASSAL. I have been noticing some very quirky behaviour in VASSAL 3.0 when making changes to a trait/function and then trying to visually check/see the effect the changes have on the mod function.

Typically I will have a saved game open with a few counters on it when editing my mod.

Once I edit and change something in the mod, I return to the game screen (hoping the change is now active) and test out the change either on counters already on the map or by freshly drawing them from the palette.

There have been times where I KNOW/THINK I have done the right thing as far as editing the mod to get what I want but when I go the game/map screen, it’s like the modification is NOT working/in effect. This leads to lots of wasted time wondering what the heck is wrong. Sometimes in frustration I just shut down VASSAL and (sometimes after a few days of calming down) return VASSAL to work on my mod only to NOW find the changes working as they should. :confused:

What confuses things even more is that from what I understand, if you load a pre-defined map with counters already on it, there are at least SOME features/functions of the counters that WILL NEVER update by themselves even though the mod itself has been updated.
eg. the position of the 'Mark as moved" graphic.

I think I really need to understand why this is happening and know exactly what kind of changes are more likely NOT to work immediately after editing them in the mod. It will save me a lot of time/frustration.

I hope VASSAL 3.1 addresses these issues.


Hi Bullman,

No, 3.1 will not address this issue.

In general, editing and changing a module while a game is in progress is not supported, the results are unspecified. It might work, it might not.

Specific things that I know do not work:

  1. If you change a unit or prototype definition, this will NEVER EVER have any effect whatsoever on any unit that already exists on the Map. This is what saved game updaters are for.

  2. There is some caching of definitions involved, so if you pull a counter off a palette, then change the definition of prototypes it contains, then pull a new counter, you probably won’t see any change. You can try pulling a different counter that uses the same prototype and this will usually let you see the changes.


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wait… wait… “saved game updaters”… what is that exactly? can you describe it or point to some details, or better yet an example?

(sorry, I will try to post this under its own topic so it does not pollute)

If your using 3.1 beta,

In the module editor it can be found under the Tools drop down menu. It is
called “Update saved games”

Select it and a new dialog box will pop open for it - you can hit help for
more info on it there

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