Generate screenshot of vsav from command line

Request: Make VASSAL understand and support a command line for generating a screen shot of a VSAV file (or the last state in a VLOG file).

An example

vassal --screenshot --file mysave.vsav --output imagename.png

Today I can create a screenshot manually within VASSAL. However, if I had a command line option, I could create a small script that monitored our shared Dropbox folder and generated a “latest state” screenshot in the same folder, whenever a new file arrived. That way I would always have access to a current image of the game map.

I could then use my phone to sit and ponder my next move, while not needing to have a laptop/PC with VASSAL running.

Imagine being in a boring meeting - and instead of listening to Bob speaking at length about unimportant sales figures, I could be planning an epic attack on the West Front - and still look like I am just checking an important e-mail.

Thanks for great app!


This would be a great feature. In a similar vein, I’d like to see a feature to allow a screenshot of the map to automatically be taken and saved to a folder every time the game turn (or maybe phase) advances. Would allow for ‘time lapses’ of game play, etc to me made.