Getting flipped card to move Counter along Track

Can someone take a look at this mini test mod I made for a larger module I’m designing. I need a flipped card to send a GKC (or Hotkey cmd) to a counter to move it along a track. The counter moves, the card flips but I can’t seem to get the card to talk to the counter. I know I’ve either forgotten an element or screwed up the trait order, but my experimenting isn’t producing results. Link to Google file:

Your error is in the matching expression of the GKC on the Advance Year card.

You have: {BasicName==gameturnmarker}

You want: {BasicName=="gameturnmarker"}

Game piece names are strings, so they have to be enclosed in quotes–otherwise it’s looking for the value of a property named gameturnmarker and failing.

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Thx. Something obvious, of course.