Getting started with Battlelore and Arab-Israeli Wars

Alright, kind of a weird combination of modules when you are starting out at VASSAL, but hey, I have eclectic tastes.

So these two questions are totally newbie, but once I get more familiar with the site, I am sure all this will come more naturally to me.

I am playing offline by myself to get up to speed on both these games. In Battlelore, I cannot seem to get Command cards. Are they even used in the VASSAL version of the game?

I cannot figure out how to fire in AIW. Right clicking on choosing “Fire” only puts a fired marker on the firing unit, but no firing takes place. I firing totally manual? How does that work when playing online or PBEM?

I presume this is an issue with all the games. Is there a good Forum entry on this subject?

Thanks, Luke

I’m not familiar with the details of the AIW module, but it sounds like all the ‘Fire’ command does is mark the unit as having fired.

To resolve the actual fire, you’d probably use the module’s die roller button and check the results of the roll against a chart, just like you would at a tabletop game. That’s the way it works in the majority of modules…

The User Guide (found on the Vassal Help menu) explains many basic procedures for the newbie. You might want to check it out for more info.

The user guide did not give much guidance on firing, neither did the AIW module.

Figured out the card thing.

On Apr 20, 2010, at 10:56 PM, lukewarren wrote:

The basic philosophy of Vassal is that it provides you with the
components to play a board game, but using the computer screen and
graphics rather than a table top and physical components. It is a way
of easily playing a board game without the setup and take-down issues
of a table-top game. But it is not a computer game in the sense that
Vassal generally doesn’t actually execute the rules of the game for
you. You just move the pieces and do combat, etc. like you would in
a face-to-face session around a table.

For PBEM and on-line, there is a message that reports your die roll,
and you just use the message area to identify what is being done.
This is similar to saying, unit A fires at enemy B, and then rolling
the dice.

Some things are automated for convenience, but those tend to be mostly
mechanical things like clearing markers or marking units as having
moved. The bulk of the game play and rules are run like a traditional
board game, not a computer game.

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