Ghost Stories - 4 player PBEM

Looking to set up a 4 player PBEM Ghost Stories game (expansions to be discussed).

Message me here or post in the thread to let me know you are interested.


I’m interested, but never played Ghost Stories or used Vassal. If you’re good with that, I will put in the effort. Downloaded the module and have read through the rules.

I’d be interested, though only in the base game at this point. Tried it PBEM a while back and the game ended up croaking half way through, would like to see what a full game is like.

So, with you two and me, that makes 3! One more…

I’m interested although I need to read rules as I’ve never played it.

OK - 4 are in. Let’s see how this goes!

So did this die before it even started?

Still looking for 4th…

I have not been involved with vassel since 2008…back at it again. If you want me, I will download and get to it.

I’m sorry, I had to drop out. I’ve returned to college and because of repairs of university internet cables I won’t have stable internet at least for whole September, so I can’t play right now.

Unfortunately we’ve come up short a player again - turns out this module does not work with the 3.2 beta of Vassal (or at least beta and non-beta players cannot play together), so we’re looking for someone who isn’t on beta to join in.
Who’s interested?

bumping thread. I’m still in on this. Matt is very good at keeping a nice pace on PBEM. We only had a couple of player turns, but this is a slick looking game and a very nice VASSAL module.Would really like to see this relaunch.

Let’s bump this one more time. Anyone??