Ghost Stories : Need to Contact the Module Creator /!\


We are currently working with Antoine Bauza on a vassal Project and we know that no agreement was given by both the author (Antoine Bauza) and the publisher (Repos Production) to diffuse a Ghost Stories Game Module.

We were also asking the permission for an official Vassal Game Module using the original Artwork too…

THEN, CAN THE MODULE CREATOR who has put a mediafire link in the Module Section contact me…

The purpose is to make an official Game Module when the agreement will be given … with too the French language included … not to kill the guy !

Please withdraw too your download link till the publisher and authors agreement …


Grégory / The French Vassal Community

I received permission to create my module from both Antoine Bauza himself and from Thomas Provoost at Repos productions.

Apparently, they do not have a problem with me disseminating my version.

I can provide the emails I received from both of them giving their permission.

If you would like me to remove it, please have them contact me personally and I will gladly remove it.


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Hi Mister Neumannium,

My apologizes …

i don’t know that the official permission was given …

I think that Antoine bauza has forgotten to speak us about this.

Nice work …



No problem.

I spoke with Antoine Bauza via Geekmail (on Board Game Geek), and he said that he was fine with it but I needed to contact Repos. They then responded that they were ok with it as well.

If you need any assistance with your module, or have ideas for mine, please let me know. I really enjoy making mods and Ghost Stories is certainly a wonderful enough game that it deserves a good one.


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The best improvement that i can propose to you is the rotation management when you put a card on a right or left side …

You are using a layer method … mine is based about rotation with not a single layer per card …

But i prefer to speak about it with you next year now !! :smiley:



I tried to use a rotation system at first, but found it rather clunky. The problem being that if I don’t reset the card to an upright position each time I move before I rotate it, the positions were getting confused. For example, if I move a card from the deck to the green board, I rotate -90 degrees. Now, what if it gets moved to the yellow board? I need to rotate 180…what if it gets sent to blue? Then I need to rotate 90. Basically, rotation requires you to remember where the card is coming from as well as where it is going to.

It’s doable, but clunky. Maybe there is an easier way?

Also, after reading some posts in the forums Rodney mentioned that layers work well as they don’t degrade the image quality at all. I chose to do it that way more for the ease of coding, however =)


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Too tired (due to my timezone when i’m writting this post) to explain with clear words…

I have already done this kind of thing in my Battlefields of Olympus Vassal Module. (available in the module section)

I don’t care about the current rotation state of the card … i control the right rotation for a dedicated zone and i rotate the card to match it …


I’ll have to look at your Battlefields of Olympus module to see how you do that.



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Just curious as to the advantage of using Rotation over the Layer method that I use. The only advantage I can see is that I need 3 copies of each card, so the module size is bigger. It is still under 20MB, though, so I don’t really think this is an issue.

Any other reason?

Just curious,


The other VERY important reason is :

When you use the automatic zoom function (when the mouse is placed on a piece, card) … you can define the zoom in an unrotated view…

Then, even if the card is rotated … the view for that card is zoomed an with the right rotation position …

By this way, you don’t have to use the zoom in and out for the main map … it’s more ergonomic …

Ah…very cool.

I’ll definitely look at how you do this in your other module.

Thank you,


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