Git weirding out

Hey Flint1b – saw your message in that PR. Somehow my github version of master must be screwed up? We had some PR-into-PR merging/reverting shenanigans last night. Not sure why it’s still doing that, but might need help straightening it back out.

Might have found it. StackOverflow to the rescue…

ensures current branch is master

git checkout master

pulls all new commits made to upstream/master

git pull upstream master

this will delete all your local changes to master

git reset --hard upstream/master

take care, this will delete all your changes on your forked master

git push origin master --force

I’m late, you figured it out already…

Git reset looks good, I would have tried something with git reset as well.

Yeah I wiped that PR and opened a clean one – no point in a bunch of cleanup hassle over like 6 lines of code.