GK/ActionTrigger leaves piece selected

I have a friendly piece (US Army) and 3 hostile pieces (VC) in a region. I select the friendly piece, then click a menu option on it (“Firepower”). It triggers a GK which triggers the VC units in the region, eliminating all but 1 of them (tricky buggers, one always survives).

However, once this process completes, the surviving hostile piece gains a selection cursor/glow around it, so if I lazily drag my piece onto the next region, it will bring the VC along with me. But I have only ever selected the friendly piece.

Is their reason for this / way to ensure the triggered piece does not end the process selected?

Depends on somewhat on the details of the GKC. Is it possible that the surviving VC piece was actually put there by a Place Marker trait during the combat? (e.g. it’s a reduced version of something that was already there?). I have noticed that Place Marker’s tend to add things to the selection, whether you want them or not.

Takes a custom class to “forcibly deselect” something. I have one if you want to try it - but you know, the slippery slope of custom classes and stuff :slight_smile: