GKC and ownership

I have a mod where players plot their unit movement by placing markers on their own, private charts. In the real game, players place a screen on the table between them, so neither can see where the markers are placed. At the end of the plotting phase, they pull the screen and reveal their moves.

I thought I could replicate the ‘screen’ using Invisible markers–each Plot phase, a turn-based hotkey fires a GKC, which invokes the Invisible trait on the markers, hiding them from the opponent. Another hotkey fired at the end of the plotting phase toggles invisibilty off. Player A’s markers are only hideable by Player A, and Player B’s markers, only hideable by player B.

This all works fine, to a point. If you click the turn marker, then each plotting phase, your markers get hidden like they should, and then revealed when the phase ends.

Trouble is, I’m finding that the GKC ‘respects’ ownership here. If Player A clicks the turn marker to fire the hotkey, the GKC will hide/unhide only -his- markers, because he’s the only one allowed to Hide his pieces. He can’t seem to hide (or unhide) player B’s markers using the GKC. Same goes for player B–if he clicks the turn tracker to advance the phase, he only toggles his own markers.

Any suggestions on a way around this problem? I’d really like the hiding process to be automated and linked to the phase tracker, so the marker hiding is done without players having to do anything each time plotting rolls around. I sort of assumed a GKC would be ‘neutral’ in terms of ownership.

Plan B is just to build a GKC button for each of the players to hide their own markers, but they’d be clicking that manually each plotting phase and I wanted to avoid that, if possible.

masking? place them from decks always face down

use a blank gif as “View when masked”; original image (or some extra transparency or border in the pictures) as display style

GKC to flip them


Well, i think that the plan B is the better plan …

The way you have chosen, the ownship will always be active for hidding step …

You can reveal both sides is you change the generic parameters :

  • Global Options : Allow non owners to unmask pieces : always