GKC suppress report didn't work (pieces were not set to ignore)

I’ve got an example of report suppression on a GKC button not working ie the report was still output from the pieces receiving the GKC. I was not using the new feature to ignore GKC report suppression.

As a workaround, I have modified the piece Report Action to do a null report.

I can’t imagine that this is a general bug or it would have emerged quickly. I will try find time to post an example. Meanwhile, if anyone else finds this happening, please add to this thread.

I wonder, maybe I’ve forgotten or never done this before, but GKC report suppression; does it only suppress Report Actions ? I mean, does it NOT suppress reports generated from GKCs ? ie a GKC sends an action to a piece which itself fires off a GKC, that second GKC having a report field.

This would explain my problem.

I believe it suppresses any report that was triggered by the GKC as there is now an option for reports to override that suppression.

Thanks but it’s not what I see. Surprised I haven’t noticed this before though, so maybe it is something obscure to do with my module. I will work up a demo to see if I can reproduce the issue.