GKC to place a piece on the main map

I really appreciate all the help I have been getting on here. Been reviewing the documentation and I am still scratching my head on this one… Probably a quick answer…

I would like a GKC that (among other things) will place a bunch of pieces in specific places on the main map. My GKC works ok for other purposes, but I can’t seem to crack how to approach the placement of new pieces.

I tried adding a piece trait to “Send to Location” when the GKC is called. But it only seems to work if there is an existing chit of that type on the map already. This feels like I am overlooking something obvious- but I can’t seem to crack it. I guess I could ‘at-start’ them all to a random hidden board - then move them from there, but that seems like a workaround?

You need to trigger a Place Marker trait on an existing piece (could be a “hidden” piece in an At-Start Stack), and set the “Key Command to apply after placement” to trigger the Send to Location to move it to the right place.