GKC upon starting a New Game?

I have a game with four or five decks of cards, all of which need to be shuffled once at game start. However, once they’re shuffled, they should keep the same order for the rest of the game. As cards are drawn and discarded to the bottom of the deck, I eventually want the cards to be encountered again in the same order they were discarded. Therefore, I cannot use “Shuffle = Always.” I need a one time shuffle. I can ask the users to go to the decks one by one and right-click the Shuffle command for each deck, or I can add GKCs to do this, but to fire off the GKCs at the beginning of the game, the user would have to click something equivalent to a “Shuffle” toolbar button that does so. Is there any mechanism in Vassal that will auto-fire a GKC when “New Game” is created from the File menu without a user having to then click a “Shuffle” button that will never get used again in the game?

Not really. An alternate to the Toolbar button though is to place an At
Start Stack Action button that executes the GKC’s then deletes itself after
permanently from the board so you don’t waste toolbar space through a self
inflicted trigger - always wanted to say that :slight_smile:

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This is a good idea that has crossed my mind several times before.

I’m thinking it should be a Global Hot Key rather than a Global Key Command. GHK’s are more useful - you can fire off multi-action buttons etc. to do lots of stuff.

I’m also thinking that this should be defined in the Pre-defined scenario component so that you can have a GHK applied to a scenario when it first loads,

Tim’s idea is also good - I would make the at-start stack a big red button in the middle of the map saying ‘Click Me’


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