GKSs and suppression of individual reports

This is such a basic question that I am sure I am missing something obvious here, but is suppression of reports from GKCs or, more specifically, from startup GKCs working 100%? (*)

The issue is this: I have a startup GKC running a “setup” command on some pieces. Suppress individual reports is checked. However, reports from Report Action traits on those pieces are still written out to chat. Perhaps it’s the startup GKC having issues, rather than any GKC.

Tried with both 3.2.17 and 3.4.11.

Module Pax Emancipation 1.5: just open and run it and there is a report to screen that “The elephant has been rotated clockwise in Europe”, which I really wanted suppressed. That trait is in the Elephant piece/at-start-stack on the Main Map.

(Forget the workaround I tried to implement at the time that you see there, i.e. only firing that report action when GameSetup=1, which in turn is a variable set by another piece at startup… guess that happens too fast for the elephant to wake up.)

  • I did find an old thread reporting fixing the failed suppressions back in version 3.1.12: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2421&hilit=suppress
    I tried running the module under 3.1.12 (after hacking the buildfile/moduledata files to say 3.1.12 instead of 3.2.17) but it throws errors at start and the startup GKC does not seem to be executed at all (perhaps it was not supported yet back then).

From your report it sounds like they may NOT work (e.g. may have never worked!)

If you made a “minimal test module” that reproduced the issue in simple terms, it might make it easy for someone to take a look at.

One WORKAROUND you could try: have the Startup GKC, instead of triggering all that stuff directly, instead trigger a single “regular” GKC, and check the “suppress reports” box on THAT one, and have THAT one trigger all the other stuff. So possibly taking advantage of the regular GKC’s box working right?


Well, I created a small test module to demonstrate that and… failed. With the startup GKC calling a single piece to do some setup stuff, the reports were suppressed. I tried with 2 pieces: suppressed.

However, it beats me why in the Pax Emancipation module, even editing the startup gkc to just call one single at start piece (the said Elephant or one of the others) to run “setup” and they have a Report Action firing on “setup”, this will be written to log instead of suppressed.

Here is an example of one of those pieces:

Basic Piece Marker - Type = Setup Engine Place Marker .... (twenty or so of these) Report Action - report something <---- THIS GETS REPORTED DESPITE REPORT SUPPRESSION BEING ON

If anybody has time to test, here is a link to this edited version of the module (saved with 3.2.17 but tested running/saving/running also under 3.4.11), with the startup gkc at the very bottom, calling this single piece “Agents setup engine”, which is on the Main Map, in the PIECES SETUP at-start stack.

drive.google.com/file/d/1_lLBf3 … sp=sharing

I will work around this in the module, but this is making me crazy. Thanks.

I think I have narrowed down the potential reporting bug from GKCs.

Just to recap: I am seeing reports to log from pieces called by a (startup) GKC with “suppress reports” checked on.

This issue (bug?) appears both under 3.2.17 and 3.4.11.

It appears that when other GKCs are called from pieces activated by the original GKC, then reports are sent to log when they shouldn’t. Conflict between GKCs? “Secondary” GKCs resetting the “suppress reports” status of the primary?

This can be reproduced by using my module for Pax Emancipation, or better the version at this URL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_lLBf3KvAfh5coe1lGV9KNDkEZUjp8yD/view?usp=sharing.

Start new game and you will get a log report like “offboard: Agents setup engine test report”.

Edit the module → Main Map → “PIECES SETUP” at-start-stack → “Agents Setup engine” piece → scroll down and delete Place Markers to London, Bahia, Mughal and Virginia (those pieces are the ones calling extra GKCs).

Start the module again and the log report - which comes from the “Agents Setup engine” piece itself, not those other pieces - won’t appear anymore.

Can anybody confirm this? This is not mission critical for me, btw, just reporting a possible bug.

I found that also global hotkeys invoked by the original GKC (with “suppress reports” on, and not a startup GKC in this case) will output reports to screen.

In particular, these hotkeys were firing commands to “send an entire deck to another”, and the corresponding (unwanted) report was output to log.

I think this is a legitimate bug report at this stage: cascading GKCs or Global Hotkeys will output reports to screen even if “suppress reports” was on in the originating GKC.

I have created a small test module to demonstrate the issue with rogue reports to chat from “cascading” GKCs:

[attachment=0]test report suppression.vmod[/attachment]
The module was created with 3.5.0-beta2 and works as follows:

  1. a Startup Global Key Command runs “setup” on all pieces with Type=starting dude, with “suppress individual reports” checked;

  2. on the Main Map there are three at-start-stacks, called “dude”, “dude2” and “followup dude”; only the first two have “Type=starting dude” and a trigger on “setup” rotates and moves them to the right, both with associated report traits;

  3. only “dude” on “setup” runs a GKC (with “suppress individual reports” checked) which tells “followup dude” to also rotate and move to the right.

If the latter GKC is switched off/removed there is no report at all to chat. However, if it’s switched on, there are reports to chat coming from “dude2” (of all pieces!).

Can anybody please confirm this is a bug before I submit it to the bug tracker?