Global Domination - WiP - original game :)

Hi there everyone!

Well basically I was always a fan of Risk, and eventually developed a game called Domination that more or less resembled certain elements of ‘Axis & Allies, Risk etc’ with a stronger hint of the types of manipulation and double dealing required in games such as Diplomacy.

The basic concept revolves around random distribution of cards (like Risk) with players taking their first turn to exchange and consolidate territories before the start of proper play. In essence each turn follows a ‘movement’ and ‘production’ phase. Players can choose from all their territories just ‘5’ to produce from (the dots on the territories denote there production value) to create a sum total.

This can be spent on armies, tanks, artillery, aircraft and fleets. Vehicles require ‘factories’ or ‘shipyards’ to be constructed first - and they are required to remain operational in order for those vehicles to operate/attack in the movement phase.

Trade routes can be established too - to add the values of other territories on top of your chose 5 (there expensive to buy) and also deny your opponents the use of that territory. So there are peaceful ways to ‘dominate’ players alongside military methods.

There are rules that distuingish each of the coloured players (denoting political ideologies that confer different abilties.) While territories that are abandoned (or destroyed) spring up as rebels groupings (that players can support/or fight over) to establish little independent territory countries/ that in effect provide production bonuses to players (of the same colour of piece/ideology.)

There are other rules for changing ideologies etc, all of them basically to contribute to a more organic and unpredictable gaming experience.

So anyway thats it for now - i will upload a pic of the board i made a while ago. I understand another module might be called domination, so ill probably end up giving this another name, despite it preserving the original name on the board :slight_smile:

In the end ill be producing a cute illustrated pdf to provide rules for the game.


Link to downsized map picture


I too am working on an original game basically with the same theme, ironically, it appears that we have very similar ideas.
If you would like to collaborate, I would find that great,been flying solo for a while now. If you would like to check it out you can find it here I have started a site that will be dedicated to the game, even though I have references to it on my regular site, let me know if you are interested in either working on this project or for me to work on your project.

Chill :slight_smile:

This seems to be a popular theme. I too am working on a Risk/Supremacy style global domination game called World War IV - After Armageddon. Mine doesn’t appear to be as complex as they ones you guys are working on but it’s along the same genre. I’m placing more emphasis on balancing resources, developing technologies and global warfare. My WWIV Development Journal details some of the work I’ve accomplished so far.

The development of WWIV and my other games are on hiatus right now due to a combination of waiting for the Vassal 3.2 engine and overall burn out but I’m all for the sharing of ideas and assisting in play testing.

Dr Nostromo! we have met before!
I agree and am willing.

 Yeah. I remember that. I'll download your mod some time this week and check it out over the weekend.

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