Global Hot Key to Activate Deck Attribute Send Entire Deck

Is it possible to have a game piece to trigger a Global Hot Key that is used for the Deck Attribute “Include command to send entire deck to another deck?”

This doesn’t seem to be working in my module.

That should work. How do you have the sequence of events set up?

I’m trying to set up a game with automation for myself and those that want to use, but can also be played out of the box. I have a map for the game box that has all the decks and pieces that can be freely grabbed and used. The Deck has the “include command to send entire deck to another deck?” checked with the “Send Hot Key:” set as “ALT CTRL SHIFT G”

In the toolbar I have a “Global Key Command” button that has the “Key Command:” set as “ALT CTRL SHIFT G”. This starts the automation for those that want it.

When I press the button, game starts fine, but the deck dose not move. If I type “ALT CTRL SHIFT G” on the keyboard the deck dose move.

Since a Deck is not a counter, I suspect you need to send a Global Hotkey to activated the Send command, not a Global Key Command. Global Key Commands only affect counters. Non-counter components are activated by Global Hotkeys, not Global Key Commands. In a toolbar you will need to use an Action Button instead of a Global Key Command.