Global Hotkeys

Simple question - where a Global Hotkey is defined does that Hotkey need to be unique across the entire module ?

Global Hotkey meaning a hotkey to show/hide a window or to shuffle a deck, a Global Hotkey on toolbar button or other GKC, a Global Hotkey trait or anywhere else a hotkey may be defined.

Follow on question -

Testing a main window Hotkey that is indeed unique across the module, I find that I can press the hotkey in another window and the action (zoom, in this case) will be taken in the main window.

What if the hotkey is in another window, other than the main one, would that hotkey execute ?

Would that hotkey execute even the player had no access to the window ?
This last question may seem strange, but if you switch from one role to another leaving the old role’s private window on screen, you will still see the private window’s content (cards may mask). You won’t be able to move/act directly on the contents of the private window BUT you can press that window’s buttons and they will action.