Global Key Command (GKC)


Can someone explain me why there is a GKC that is indeed general and one that is available via the piece definition?

I am be missing the point, since I see no reason why one could not simply call a GKC via a piece by calling its shortcut?

Kind regards.


A GKC placed in a general function like the toolbar allows to affect all pieces and much more dedicated to setup or a global change, update … In a way a general function easy to found and to use …

A GKC placed on a piece is much more used to affect other pieces depending of the current context of that piece …

I hope it helps you …



I am not sure. My feeling is that two identical things are in two different places.

Which makes it hard to know where everything is.

My feeling is that there should not be GKC for pieces. They should call an outside GKC.

No way I guess to see at a glance the list of GKC that you have defined??

They are not the same as Soft bug has outlined.

A piece GKC is able to inherit and reference/use properties defined within the piece itself whereas a toolbar GKC is unable to.

For example a piece has a marker trait with the property “shape”. On some pieces “shape” is defined as “square”, on others it is defined as “circle”

In the piece GKC we can add the property match expression shape = $shape$, which will affect all pieces that match whatever “shape” evaluates out to on the given piece issuing the GKC

Adding shape = $shape$ to the toolbar GKC means absolutely nothing however and will not work (unless shape is a defined GP), a slight but subtle difference

Thx Tim, that is very clear indeed.