Global Key Command not affecting Pieces in Decks

If a Global key command is set to affect all pieces on all maps should it not affect pieces in decks as well? I cannot seem to get it to affect pieces in decks even with Within Deck affect all pieces selected.

Is there some trick to this or is it a bug?

Yes, it should trigger within a deck as you’re describing it. Is it working outside the deck for the same pieces? Check that, as maybe the GKC is working and the command itself isn’t firing within the piece for some reason. Use “report moves” to try to isolate the problem and see which links in the chain are working (for example: GKC being sent is CTRL A, throw a report moves on CTRL A in both a piece in the deck and a piece outside the deck… etc). Good luck.

[report action, I mean]

It works on all the pieces except those in a deck. I will investigate with your suggested report action and see whether I can narrow it down.

What do you mean by “affect all pieces on all maps”? Are you refer to map names in GKC’s Matching Property field? If so check whether the deck belongs to any map: there is a field in a Deck window named “Belongs to board”.

Solved it.

It was the trait order within the piece would you believe?

By moving the Mask trait above the other traits all works well, except that the Mask option on the menu is not exactly where I would like it to be i.e. it is now at the bottom instead of at the top, but I can live with that.

There is absolutely no rhyme nor reason for it as far as I can see but that was what the problem was.

So GKC works fine with regard to Decks, its the trait order of pieces that seems to be buggy, causing unexpected and undocumented behaviour, or so it appears. Basically the position of the Mask trait can affect the way GKCs can work on a piece within a deck.

Thanks for the advice re reporting the actions within a piece as a method of tracking down what is happeneing.