Global key commands on palette pieces?

It seems to me it’s not possible to fire global key commands on palette pieces. Like a module level key command initiating a “send to location” trait defined for a given palette piece.

On the other hand, I would really like to be able to send 10 new infantry units, say, from the palette to each player every time a new turn triggers. Basically, I don’t need/want players to drag things from the palette themselves, and I would want to hide it.

Any idea how I could accomplish something like that? Maybe dump the palette and use, dunno, a private window belonging to a “referee” holding huge amounts of infantry units ready to be sent? Anything more elegant?


This is called a Force Pool. If you have set resources available for a scenario, then it makes sense to have them pre-pulled from the palette and saved in a prepared area.

If the requirements for a scenario are variable, then I would do something on a board with a ‘generator’ piece that uses Place Marker to create a new piece and applied the ‘Keystroke after Placement’ to send it somewhere.


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It seems the amount of units is not finite but on a x/turn basis. He wants to have a “create x of A at MapPos0” event available.

what could work is a hidden map witj one copy of the counters in question and a sequence like:

clone - clone trait triggerd by global key comand
send to map - via key command triggered on map level “pieces end move on map”
(not tested)

this could move one copy to predefined location elsewhere. anyways i think this is a pretty go feature for a more hardcoded implementation

The trouble with Clone is that it creates an exact copy of the counter - how do you then send the copy to the destination and not also the original counter.

If you use Place Marker instead, then you can issue a command directly and automatically to the newly created counter.

BTW, When using Place Marker, it is much cleaner if the Place Marker counter is completely defined by a single prototype. You can then create the ‘real’ counters using the same prototype and not have to maintain two the same counter definition in two different places.


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Place Marker, yes! Yet another world of possibilities opens up, I had forgotten about that trait! ;)

That works like a charm, and I can even make the “generator” unselectable via the does not stack trait (I had forgotten about that… is that what the “immobile” property refers to, i.e. “not selectable”?).

Thanks Brent and thanks Dab, too.