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Hi all,

Having a problem here determining the difference between a global property that I define at the map window level and one I define at the module level.

What is the difference?

The only difference I can see is that when I set a layer to follow a Global Property that I have defined at the Map level, it doesn’t see it. If I set it to follow a Global property at the Module level, it does.

Is there a reason I would define a Global Property at the map level instead of at the Module level?

I thought, for a bit, that they would come in handy when creating multiple maps based on the same boards, stacks, etc. But, if the pieces on the board cannot see these Map level properties, they aren’t really useful.

What am I missing?




They exist mainly to add flexibility - Globals can be created at the Zone, Map or Module level and are accessed in that order. In most cases, you can probably just use Module Globals. The Map and Zone globals are there so you can then over-ride the Module globals on specific Maps or Zones.


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I am using 3.0.17 and I don’t seem to have special problems with layers or PME’s using global properties defined at map level instead of at module level.

However, if the piece has a text label to show the value of the property (e.g. $foo$) it doesn’t show it, showing the string “foo” instead, possibly because the text label looks for it at module level (bug).

There was a bug with the handling of Map level properties in 3.0.X. This should work correctly using the 3.1 beta.


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