Global Property Key Command Type "Increment Value"

Vassal 3.5.5

In setting a global property, key command, under “Type” using “Increment Value”, it does not increment the global property’s value. In order to increment the global property’s value I have to use “set value directly” by adding to the global property the value of the increment I desire. I.e., global property: GP; increment: Value500. I cannot use “Increment value” by using only Value500, I must use “set value directly” and use GP+Value*500

I believe the Increment value part of the function is not acting correctly. My thinking is that the variable, no matter what its value returns a 1 and the numerical value multiplied against that variable is placed as the value in the Global Property. However, I have not thoroughly checked to see that this is the case at this point once I came upon a solution.

Thanks, Jim.