Globally flip markers that are on a certain layer

This should be basic for you module guru’s but I have a piece with layers:

Name = German Rail Marker (in the layer properties)

The first Level Name = Railhead Marker
The second Level Name = German Rail Converted Marker
(I’m not married to those level names or default name if that makes it easier)

I want a GKC that will flip all Railhead Markers that are on their “German Rail Converted Marker” side to the “Railhead Marker” side (ctrl+F controls that). What would my syntax be in the matching properties? I’ve tried every combination of things that I can think of.


For those that stumble upon this and are wanting to do something similar in the future, this was the command that worked:

{GetProperty(“German Railhead Marker_Level”) > 1}

A very valuable resource that you may of missed or were unaware of: … ounters.3F