GMT Clash of Monarchs

I just saw on CSW that someone has stepped up to make a Vassal module for the newly released operational-scale Seven Years’ War game.

I am still awaiting my copy of the game, but please permit me to be the first here to throw my hat in the ring to get in to a Vassal game using this title.

(I am an Austro-phile, but I would play any side Prussian, Hannover, Franco-Russian).

I have been toying with the thought of attempting to throw together a “Prussia’s Glory” Vassal module myself too, but have been holding out a bit in hopes that someone would be authorized by GMT and provided the hi-res artwork masters with which to do it.


I, too, am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my CoM preorder. I’m very glad to hear they are doing a Vassal mod for it, as well.

Regarding Prussia’s Glory – I PM’ed you at Boardgamegeek and replied to your forum post there. If you want to try a Cyberboard game of it, let me know. A vassal version would be nice but the cyberboard boxes look like they would work just fine for this one. Let me know.


Yeah, sorry bout that. After thinking how great it would be to enter my boardgame collection on BGG I only got through part of the Horse and Musket era and realized I really did not want to take the time to enter all those hundreds of games. And then after browsing the forums decided (and I may be incorrect, would not be the first time) BGG is generally too euro-game / beer-and-pretzels oriented for a hardcore grognard like me. Guess I should log in and check every now and then though.

But, sure, Kevin I will pop you an email and hopefully we can set something up for a CB game. CB has a bunch of utilities, many years ago I tried using them for counter scans etc. But they could also be used for setting up the graphics for Vassal mod from the CB gbx. Of course, a conversion program would probably make that much easier and be more generally useful. Also, I do not know the legal particulars of doing that - just because GMT/BobK gave permission for a CB box does not mean they give permission to distribute a Vassal module (although one could certainly make one, just could not be posted here).

GMT is pretty good about that kind of stuff in general though, most likely just nobody there has had the time. Perhaps the publication of CoM and its Vassal module and the hinted-at tie to PG will put it in motion.

I just received my copy of Clash of Monarchs this morning. Looks beautiful!