GMT Pendragon - 4 player

Hey guys - looking to put together a 4 player Pendragon game with the following parameters:
1- players share a Discord room for turn exchange/comms/smacktalk (I will create this room and issue invites/as well as secure rooms for each side of 2x factions, if I can figure out how)
2- full game scenario
3- upon completion of the current players action, they will post the logfile to the Discord room and announce the next player to act
4- no artificial turn time limits, but a reasonable expectation of a 24-36hr turnaround time
5- I will review moves for rules adherence on occasion, but any player may pause the game for a peer review of the action/rule in question (tho I reserve the right to adjudicate deadlocks for time’s sake, not cuz I’m cool but because someone has to be the jerk that keeps the game moving)
6- when another player’s input is necessary within a player’s turn, the relevant decision data will be posted in the Discord room and the correct player’s input solicited
7- all comms will be civil and not include condemnations of another player’s actions based on one’s personal/narrow interpretation of that faction’s best interest in the near/long term
8- have fun, this is not the WBC

This format can accommodate global timezones and disparate skill levels (you get time to ask questions).


I’d play. I’ve set the game up to try solo, but didn’t get too far, so being the n00b I’d take one of the easier factions.

Sounds very good! I like the COIN games. But have never played Pendragon. Just read the rules. Now I like to join for a game.
I am already on discord.