GMT The Ancient World

Anyone play Rise of the Roman Republic or Carthage lately?
Anyone interested in trying? If it will work PBeM… I need to do it where I can relax and look up the rules a lot.
Multiplayer could be neat to if it works for any of the scenarios.


I’m interested, and PBEM is better for me since I’m living in France 8)

we can play a RRR scenario before kicking Carthage’s Big One, the 1PW

sounds good. at some point I wonder if this game works for multi-player teams?

I have not read the rules yet hardly at all but right off the interception rules are going to require some thought for handling in PBeM. Ideas?

I only just got Carthage. There are some smaller games in the Carthage set, need to look over everything there and in RotRR maybe we can pick something quick and land-combat only to start with.

Here is a run down on the scenario info. Thunderbolt is suggested as being able to play and switch sides and still finish in an evening. THe other complexity 3/4 scenarios are supposed to be suitable for learning the game.

The Samnite Wars (complexity 4, 10 turns)
The First Alexander Invasion (complexity 3, 4 turns, land combat only, 3 players?)
The Eagle Has Landed (complexity 6, 10 turns max, most of the system, ultimate scenario for RotRR)
Thunderbolt (complexity 3, 3 turns, land combat only, unbalanced)

Mercenary War (complexity 3, 5 turns, land combat only, unbalanced)
Agathocles (complexity 5, 5 turns max, but more of the system)
Hiero, Hero or Gyro? (complexity 4, 2 turns, land/naval combat only)
First Punic War (complexity 7, long, the ultimate objective)

ok, we can play Thunderbolt if you will

about handling interception rules in PBEM, neither do I

I’ll check how to handle it later

It will be a good intro to the basics, but almost akin to playing solitaire. I will let you take the Carthaginians and I will take the Romans, unless you prefer the other way around, for the first time thru.

Since this one starts with a Hannibal activation I believe you could start a game and run it at least to the point where a Roman interception was possible or where there was some combat-related decision required by the Romans. Then save and email.