Graphic design for stacks of flat colour tokens

Say you have tokens that have some unique images, but are mostly border to border flat colours. Does anyone have any tips on how to make the number of tokens in a stack easier to see at a glance without requiring mouseover viewing? I don’t mean text indicating the number of pieces in the stack, just some graphic design tips to differentiate one token from another.

Images from modules that do stacks well would be very helpful!

I use imagemagick to process all my counters in a batch to get a uniform result. I use the -raise 2x2 option to create a 2 pixel beveled edge around every counter. This looks nice, giving the counters a faux 3D look and clearly delineates the counter edges.

My typical imagmagick command line to process each counter is

convert .\Orig\us-a-1-12.png  -shave 2x2 +repage -resize 75x75 -raise 2x2 +dither -colors 256 -strip  .\Small\us-a-1-12.png

Bevelling, of course, thank you!

I’ll need to change the black tokens to an off-black.