Grid Numbering as a Send To destination

Hi there,

I try to understand how the grid numbering can be used to define a destination for my piece.
What should I use in the properties:
Destination - Grid location on selected map ? but this does not seem to find my grid numbers.
Destination - Zone on selected map ? I can. find the zone than contains the grid, but not the column and rows info, there.

Thank you for your examples, maybe in a small module ?


Ahhh, I. did it once again … I struggle for hours, and when I finally decide to ask in the forum, I find the answer by myself!
The ZONE definition needs $gridLocation$ as a Location Format.
Then, I can use it instead of sticking to the $name$ that would return the ZONE name.

Argh. No I’m not completely done. Help is still be required …
I have 4 score grids (and I’d really like to keep these graphical), where each 4 players will have 1 meeple.
How can I make this working? 1 big zone with 1 grid in 2 dimensions ? or better to have 4 zones, each with 1 dim grid.
I can use $gridLocation$ for the Location Format, and this works fine when I move the piece and use a label to show the currentLocation, it tells me about the grid’s number.

But I can’t find the correct syntax to use the Sent to trait to hit the grid in the zone