Grid numbering for a multi Zone Chart

I have setup a turn chart with a Multi-Zone Grid.
It has 4 zones defined, with each zone having a rectangle grid.

Strategic Turn, Zone 1, covers a track with 12 turns.
System Turn, Zone 2, covers a track with 30 turns.
Interception Turn, Zone 3, covers a track with 48 turns.
Tactical Turn, Zone 4, covers a track with 60 turns.

Zone 1, has only one column.
Zone 2-4, have mutliple columns.

My problem is I can’t get the rectangle grid numbering to start at 1, go down the first column,
then continue back at the top in the second column, and so on.

The reason I want to use a grid, is to have the turn counters snap to the current turn.

Without using a grid system, I make an individual zone for each turn. which will take a very
long time and counters can’t snap to it, I like to avoid this method.

Just wondering if I missed something or it can’t be done.