Grouping Units and Group Pivoting

I know this feature has been requested before, but this has already been coded and implemented into a module by

The developers of the module already built classes for the newest vassal engine.

This is the link to the source code and documentation:

They released it for anyone to use with no strings attached.

There are a lot of issues when I try to implement it into my own module.

So I’m wondering if you can fine tune the code and implement it into your next release?

Just to make things simple you don’t need to implement a pivot point, as long as you can rotate the pieces together than you can just move the group into position. So the center of the stack or just the center of one of the pieces would work.

I have added

RFE [2813699] Incorporate Grouping Units and Group Pivoting into VASSAL

to cover this work.


Wow its incorporated into vassal?

I didn’t know that.

Which version cause I looked at the version history and I don’t see it in there?

No you won’t, because RFE stands for Request For Enhancement. All that has happened is that now there is an official request logged to locate and merge the existing grouping code into Vassal.


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Oh ok, thank you very much. BTW your program is great and I have been working on building a module for a while, but the grouping issues keep me from finishing.

I appreciate the acknowledgement and your continuous effort to make vassal one of the best (possibly the best) virtual tabletops/game engines out there for wargaming.