Guam: Return to Glory...Need some expert detective help!

Model: Imac 24 Inch Mid 2007 (Still running well!)
OS: OSX 10.9.5
CPU: 2.8GHz Intel core 2 Duo
Memory: 6GB
VASSAL: 3.2.17
Java: 1.8.0_241
Module: Guam: Return to Glory

Hi! We had a unit disappear to offboard*. Might possibly have been deleted along with a barrage marker? But we can’t find where offboard* is. The chit is not in the graveyard. Can’t pull it from the US unit inventory, where it now appears like a ghostly reminder. We can’t seem to find a clone anywhere. Here is the specific log text:

  • US 3MD/Div/1AAB/D moves 23.58 → offboard *

And below is the incident in context. Anyone have any clues?


  • US 1PMB/Div/1AAB/A, US 1PMB/4RCT/2/E, US 1PMB/4RCT/2/F, Medium Barrage Marker moves 36.83 → 37.82 *
  • Medium Barrage Marker moves 37.82 → 36.83 *
  • 37.81: Jpn IJN/54NGF/4 was flipped to Column
  • US Active Hex Marker moves offboard → offboard *
  • US 1PMB Activation moves Current → Used *
  • Wind Chit moves Chit Deck → Current *
  • 23.59: Light Barrage Marker was removed
  • All barrage markers removed
  • Wind Chit moves Current → Used *

:imp: * US 3MD/Div/1AAB/D moves 23.58 → offboard * :imp:

  • Jpn DL2 Marker moves 24.58 → offboard *
  • Jpn 29ID/18IR/III Maj Yukioka () moves 34.80 → offboard *
  • Jpn DL2 Marker moves 37.81 → offboard *
  • US 3MD Activation moves Chit Deck → Current *
  • US 1PMB/22RCT/1/A moves US Graveyard → US Graveyard *
  • US 1PMB/4RCT/1/B moves US Graveyard → US Graveyard *
  • US 1PMB/4RCT/1/A moves US Graveyard → US Graveyard *
  • Jpn 29ID/38IR/I/3 moves US Graveyard → US Graveyard *

I assume it is/was too late to use the Undo button to back up over the problem and then reconstruct?

“Offboard” means anywhere that isn’t in a marked zone of a map. But in addition to the main map that also includes counters sitting around on weird (and sometimes inappropriate) parts of other windows/screens. I have found units accidentally dragged into the corner of Combat Results Tables, bins, setup cards for completely different scenarios, things like that – so look around in all the little windowsy things you can open in the module, and THEN size the windows bigger and scroll off to the right and down and see if it’s actually OFF bounds.

Barring that I think there are a few folks around here that might know how to repair save files – not in my skillset yet I’m afraid.

Thanks for the advice Cattle. It was too late. Four of us playing (two a side), and by the time it got to my turn I was reluctant to roll back the clock for one missing unit. We made a sub and continued. I’ll have to go through the save and see if I can locate it in one of those odd windows.