Gunslinger Blind Vassal Assisted PBeM

Recruiting players for a GM’d Blind game of Gunslinger. The Gunslinger engine was constructed in such a way that it accommodates any number of players (it was artificially restricted to 7 by the game’s designer). So, the number of players in the game is limited only by the number of people willing to play. Game Will Last 30 Turns. Mid-Game Walk-On acceptable (unless within 10 turns of end of game)

Drop me your e-mail address. Game Rules, Errata, etc. will be sent.

Good Luck & Good Hunting

We now have 11 players. More are welcome. Just drop me a line at:

The player list now stretches to 17 players packed into 9 boards, two of which are open enough to cause players to avoid them (think killing fields). This is the largest group of Gunslinger players ever in one game to my knowledge in 30+ years as a Gunslinger GM. Ought to be a “bloody” great brawl.

Time now to get players their set up info and the map.

How many of those are sockpuppets? :laughing:

That’s dead sock puppets to you bud ! I hope you said that with a smile.

Any chance of squeezing in a noobie meat shield that wants to die early in a blaze of gunfire? I am new to pbem thru vassal and gunslinger but I’m a quick learner. I’ll study the rules now if I can get in. If you think I would hamper the game, I understand.

One of the most important duties of old guys like me is Teaching those who are newbies. if we don’t do that, the hobby will die with our passing. So, I’m more than happy to help new players learn. Back when I was young to the hobby (in the 70’s) there were guys who actually advertised for opponents but put in their ads (no teenagers, inexperienced players, or kids). I’ve never forgot that.

So, welcome, and I’ve sent you the files for the map, character generation, weapons purchasing, and set up location (you choose your own just give me a location on the map where you want to set up). Most of the game information, rules discussion, and set up discourse takes place on this threat at BGG: … blind-game

See you in the streets of “No Name City”.

Of the eventually 24 players, as of this date (beginning Turn 9) there are 10 dead, 1 dropped out, 1 Passed Out, 2 Badly Wounded (and likely to pass out if no one shoots them as they lie there). That leaves 12 active Gunslingers trying to find and kill each other. It’s been a fun game so far, Multiple back shootings, one unfortunate whose gun misfired and then in haste he missed his following shot. His target spun around and plugged him dead. A pair of hombre’s stumbled into each other passing through a door. One lies bleeding and the other cannot seem to finish him off no matter how many times he shoots the poor guy on the floor. One of the important tricks of the Gunslinger trade is aim, aim, aim. Do not simply cock and fire.


It also means that it might take a couple of days for a player to decide what he needs to do and send his own turn. Thus, Gunslinger is really a Vassal Assisted PBeM game (heavy emphasis on PBeM).