Gunslinger Vassal Assist PBEM Blind Multi-Player Recruiting

Howdy Gents,

Am recruiting for the 2018 Blind Multi-Player GM’d Gunslinger Game. We currently have 23 committed players and still recruiting. Recruitment will remain open until Friday 20th. Thereafter set up will commence. Players who join while the game is under way will be able to do so, but will have to walk onto the board from off board (one of the sides) - and there isn’t much available cover on any of the Gunslinger boards easily reachable within a turn or 2.

We will be using Vassal Logs from Gunslinger Mod 1.5.2 (which I will supply, it’s not posted anywhere presently). The difference is greater magnification (so you can actually read the hex numbers) and a modified Board CC. There is also a Vassal Map extension that ought to be available here at the Vassal Modules download location, but I will also supply that with the 1.5.2 mod.

Anyone desiring to join please contact me at: or

Good Luck & Good Hunting,
Tom Cundiff

For those of you who don’t have copies of Gunslinger, one just appeared on Geek Market:

A second copy has become available tonight too :slight_smile:

Check out the top line on the same link:

We’ve now got 24 players, equal to the largest game ever run. If we can get just one more player it will be a victory … but I’d sure like to get six more by Friday.

We just reached 25, topping the previous record of 24 Gunslingers in one game. There’s still room for more. I’m hoping to reach 30, and now it doesn’t seem so “out there”. It’s reachable if just a few of you old timers pick up your guns and ride into town :slight_smile:

We’ve reached 28 players.

Set Up Logs have begun to be generated and sent to players awaiting their responses and weapons purchases. Play may begin middle of next week.

If you’re going to gents, now would be the time to join in.

Just contact me at either of the following: or

Good Luck & Good Hunting,